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Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Products:

Snake Creek Lasers is a developer and manufacturer of miniature solid-state lasers, OEM modules, laser dazzlers and flashlights, and high power room temperature and cryogenic solid-state lasers. Our lasers are used in dozens of diverse applications worldwide. We also collaborate with commercial and government entities to provide rapid laser engineering and prototyping services. 

Custom Laser Solutions:

Snake Creek lasers has provided custom laser solutions to many organizations, including CW, long-pulse, Q-switched, and ultrafast lasers operating from the UV to the mid-IR. These systems utilize a  number of crystalline laser hosts, including Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Yb:YAG, Yb:Lu2O3, Yb:LuAG, Ho:YAG, Ti:Al2O3, Cr:BeAl2O4, nonlinear crystals such as KTP, BBO, BiBO, LBO, KBBF, and RBBF,  and other materials such as Cr4+:YAG and Sm:YAG. We encourage any organizations interested in developing compact custom diode-pumped solid-state lasers or modules to contact us. We routinely work with customers on a proprietary basis.


Laser Materials and Spectroscopic Measurements:

Our company has a robust research and development program and several collaborations in place to investigate and develop new laser and nonlinear materials. We are able to provide high resolution absorption and emission spectroscopy spanning the spectral region from about 170 nm to 3000 nm. Measurements can be performed from room temperature to 77 K. We have enjoyed a collaboration with Clemson University for over five years, and together we have investigated many hydrothermally-grown laser materials such as Nd:YAG, Nd:LuAG, Yb:YAG, Yb:LuAG, Yb:Lu2O3, Yb:Sc2O3, Yb:Y2O3, Cr,Nd:YAG, Cr,Yb:YAG, Ho:YAG, Ho:Lu2O3, Er:YAG, Er:Lu2O3, Er:Sc2O3, Er:Y2O3, and many others. We have also pioneered the method of epitaxial hydrothermal growth of a Sm:YAG cladding layer on Nd:YAG rods for suppressing parasitics and amplified-spontaneous-emission (ASE). Please visit the References section of our Technology page for additional information.

Snake Creek Lasers welcomes any inquiries regarding laser materials collaborations. We can also provide routine quality-control spectral absorption scans of laser and optical materials (coated or uncoated) on a proprietary, contract basis. 

Press Releases

12/12/2017 Snake Creek Lasers, LLC is now doing business as Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC
Management has announced to do business as Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC, to better reflect the overall science and technology foundadtions of the company as well as the broad photonic-based business areas the company addresses.
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7/26/2016 New Long-Term Stable Miniature Green Laser
The combination of small size and near-diffraction limited output beam makes the new MicroGreen XG series a unique and low-cost 532 nm laser source for illumination and fluorescence-based applications where hours of stable CW operation per event is required.
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5/22/2014 WTR Module for Sale
The WTR Series has been in production under an OEM contract for five years, now released for sale into a broader market. The WTR has matured into a product with exceptional shock and vibration tolerance, also adapted for use in wide ambient temperature conditions.
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Snake Creek Lasers Has Moved
Snake Creek Lasers, LLC has moved its office and manufacturing operations to a more modern facility.
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